Considering Israel’s Options

While more and more Congressional Democrats pledge support for the Iran nuclear deal, Israel is pressed even further to consider difficult choices regarding her security.  While the deal is almost certain to be voted down in Congress, President Obama has pledged to veto the decision.  Despite efforts to garner enough votes to override the Obama veto, it appears virtually impossible to achieve the required 2/3 votes in each house of Congress necessary to do so.

According to a report yesterday by US News and World Report, 28 of the necessary 34 Senate Democrats needed to uphold Obama’s veto have already announced support for the deal.  In the House, only 12 Democrats (of the needed 44) have announced opposition to the deal.  All this, despite the fact that almost 60% of Americans oppose the deal and only 28% approve.

(I encourage you to examine the list provided by US News and World Report to see if your elected officials are in support of the Iran deal.  If so, it provides good reason to vote for different candidates!  In fact, why not contact your elected officials and let them know you are opposed to the deal.  How to contact Senators and how to contact Representatives.)

To add gasoline to the fire, the UN cut a secret deal with Iran (during the nuclear negotiations) that allows Iran to monitor its own nuclear program.  Yes, you read that correctly!  Iran, who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be deceptive and totally dishonest, will be allowed to police its own nuclear program.  As the old saying goes, the wolf is in charge of guarding the chicken coop.

In the midst of it all, Israel is pressed hard to know how to preserve her security.  Despite America’s rhetoric about “all options on the table,” Israel knows that the US will not truly defend Israel if and when the need arises.  Thus, Israel’s Prime Minister has stated more than once that Israel will defend herself, by herself if and when necessary.

Now, recent news out of Israel reveals that Benjamin Netanyahu has been thwarted on more than one occasion in plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

So, what are Israel’s options?  They can’t depend upon the US to partner with them.  Can they wait long enough for a new American president to be elected?  What if that president is no more supportive than the current administration?  Do they simply sit tight, awaiting an attack from Iran or one of Iran’s proxy terrorist groups (Hezbollah, for example)?

For further insight, I recommend Joel Rosenberg’s 5 1/2 minute interview with Fox News where he discusses these issues and more.  Watch it here.

I am reminded of the sons of Issachar who were “men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32)  Let’s pray that men like that will gather with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and that God will grant them wisdom to understand the times and the knowledge of what Israel should do!

Pray also for our nation’s leaders.  We are at a critical time in history and we truly need wise leaders.  Pray that the enemy’s schemes are thwarted and that righteousness prevails.  As you pray, remember that nothing is impossible with God!  (Luke 1:37)  If He can bring forth the Savior of the world through a virgin, He is certainly capable of thwarting enemy schemes!  Onward in prayer, Christian soldiers!

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