Is "The Big Lie" Still Effective Today?

One of the most impacting stops on any tour to Israel is Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. Among other things, what becomes readily apparent as one sees the exhibits is that an evil regime, led by a madman named Adolf Hitler, formulated and perpetuated "the big lie" so well, that not only …

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Removing Israel from the Bible is Dangerous Business!

It's rampant in many places, including Christian churches: removing Israel from the Bible. It happens in many ways...some in naive innocence, but much of it in overt determination to replace Israel with the church or some other group. What happens when Israel is removed? We lose our foundation. The supreme, sovereign God that we serve …

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Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah

I recently read one of the most comprehensive and well-written explanations ever of why Hanukkah is significant to us as Christians.  There are nuggets in this ICEJ article and I hope you will take two minutes to find them! Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah Let's celebrate!

What Sets Israel Apart?

The land of Israel is perhaps the most unique in the entire world.  Click here to find out why! After reading the article, take a moment to thank God for the favor He has shown to the Jewish people.  God's faithfulness to them is our insurance policy that He will be faithful to us as …

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