Is “The Big Lie” Still Effective Today?

Image result for Hitler The Big Lie

One of the most impacting stops on any tour to Israel is Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. Among other things, what becomes readily apparent as one sees the exhibits is that an evil regime, led by a madman named Adolf Hitler, formulated and perpetuated “the big lie” so well, that not only the Nazis bought into it, but so did the entire world.

Fast forward to today and replace the Nazi regime with the Iranian one, and we see the exact same strategy playing out. Antisemitism has not died and Israel remains in the cross hairs of a madmen who want to wipe Israel off the map.

Just what is “the big lie,” and how is it perpetuated today? Take a few minutes to read ICEJ’s recent article, The “Big Lie” against the Jews. You will recognize the lie and how it raises its ugly head every single day.

Tomorrow we will resume our tour rewind. We’re coming to some of the most meaningful sites and tying together some of the most profound moments in Bible history. Be sure to stick with us as we race toward that finish line!

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