The Best Way to Bless Israel is with the Messiah!

After yesterday’s heavy message, let’s balance hard truth with blessed truth! Our world is a mess (hard truth), but Jesus is not only still on the throne, but His Father is preparing the way for His return to redeem His people! Believers, we are going to meet our Savior some day…and it could be sooner than we think!

But there is more blessed truth. As big a mess as Israel is right now, God has not forgotten His covenant people!

A few days ago, One for Israel, whose very mission hung in the balance when the “anti-missionary” bill was presented, stood their ground and continued to send out the Gospel to Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Their tagline is: The best way to bless Israel is with Jesus (the Messiah).

Indeed, there is no greater blessing than to know the Jewish Messiah…our Savior and Lord.

Amir Tsarfati, who spoke the hard truth yesterday, shares the blessed truth in only 70 seconds today!

It is the eternal life-saving message for everyone…Jews and Gentiles. All are welcome into the community of faith, and the Good News must continue going out to our Jewish friends. Please pray for Israel. Their Messiah stands ready to hear their call.

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