Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan: What a Perfect Time to Pray!

We have had a week of prayer emphasis as we examined what’s happening in America, Israel, and the Middle East. In the midst of it, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan commenced at sundown Wednesday evening. Observant Muslims fast daily from before sunrise to sunset, pray fervently, and reflect upon their lives and wellbeing during Ramadan.

Sadly, radical elements of Islam have tarnished the “spiritual” aspect of the holy month by turning it into a time of increasing hate and violence, often against Israel. Riots and attacks are common and the IDF is typically on high alert during Ramadan.

But others are truly seeking taqwa, a greater “God-consciousness.” What they yearn for is the one true God. They think his name is Allah, but at times they are surprised when THE One True God shows up in dreams or visions. Such is often a “weird experience” in our western mindset, but Jesus makes Himself known in very specific and powerful ways to people in the Middle East. He is calling them out of darkness and Arabs (and others) are finding Light for the very first time. There is actually an awakening happening in many Arab countries, including Iran!

Earlier this week we touched on the “anti-missionary” bill that was thwarted in the Israeli Knesset. There are not many truly evangelistic ministries in Israel, but one of them is One for Israel. Because of the rights of free speech and free religion in Israel, OFI is free to share the Good News of the One True God to people everywhere. Now, they are encouraging believers to Pray for Muslims to Meet Jesus this Ramadan. What better time to pray for them than the month of the year they set aside to seek relationship with God!

So, this Ramadan, will you pray that Muslim eyes will be open to see Jesus the Messiah? Also, pray for Israel’s safety and protection during this season in which radical regimes try to destroy Israel.

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