Urgent Prayer for Israel: Proposal is Made to Stifle the Gospel

PRAYER UPDATE: God has heard and honored the prayers of people around the world! News just broke that the anti-missionary bill mentioned below will NOT be brought to vote, and Netanyahu indicated they will not advance any law against the Christian community. Praise God for that, but please continue to pray for Israel.

Yesterday we listened in on a conversation between an American Jew and an American Christian, discussing the perils we face here in the US. But let us not forget how insidious radical ideology has become around the world, including Israel. And don’t think radical ideas are championed only by the left.

Currently, the radical, far-right wing of geopolitics in Israel are wreaking havoc. So, let’s understand why.

Israel’s Knesset (parliament) is solid right wing. However, certain factions of the right have vowed not to serve in a majority controlled by Benjamin Netanyahu, despite holding very similar political positions. They simply hate the man (Netanyahu) more than they love righteousness. As Netanyahu faced election last year, he had to find a way to overcome the lack of support from the center-right, made up of those who will not serve with him.

Therefore, Netanyahu had two choices prior to the election: turn to Arab parties in order to gain a majority, or partner with the far right-wing (mostly Orthodox) parties. He chose the latter and is now facing the radical ideas they brought with them. One of those radical ideas (though not a new one) is to forbid evangelism in the land of Israel. It is still working its way through the legislative process but is a growing concern for ministries and Messianic congregations in Israel.

One for Israel founder, Erez Soref, explains and urges us to pray. Let’s take his urgent request very seriously and join our Messianic brothers and sisters in fervent prayer that the proposal gains no traction and dies out in the legislative process.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, as we focus on the very thing some in Israel’s Knesset want to ban!

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