Dennis Prager and Charlie Kirk Discuss Faith and America’s Plight

Hey friends! Last week I had the privilege of attending Freedom Night in America where Charlie Kirk welcomed Dennis Prager, and the two engaged in very stimulating discussion about faith and America’s current condition. Dennis Prager is Jewish and has written commentaries on the books of the Torah (the first 5 books of our Christian Bible) and Charlie Kirk is a Christian. Both men are very outspoken about their beliefs and have even engaged in points of discussion in which they disagree. Friends, it is the epitome of how Christians and Jews should interact…with love and respect for one another, without allowing theological differences to destroy the relationship.

Both men are also American freedom fighters who realize the appropriate balance between politics of the day and their religious beliefs. Both hold their beliefs higher than politics, yet both employ their beliefs to fight for what is right in America. I admire them for that!

Last week’s event is very much worth watching. You can catch Charlie Kirk’s intro at the 34:00 mark if you wish to hear about what happened when he was attacked at Cal State – Davis. Otherwise, skip to the 47:00 mark when Dennis Prager is introduced. Their discussion lasts until the 1:26:00 mark when they begin taking questions from the audience.

How should Jews and Christians relate to one another? This is a great demonstration. Should Christians and Jews be involved in civic engagement? Absolutely…and you will see why! Enjoy!

PS: For those of you in the Phoenix area, Dream City Church hosts Charlie Kirk and Freedom Night in America once a month (usually the second Wednesday at 6:30pm). The events are free and will inspire you to exercise your faith in the public square. Find out more here. If you are outside the Phoenix area, other Freedom Nights are popping up around the country, so check out Turning Point Faith for more info.

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