All Nations will One Day Worship the Lord!

Many things in our world rip us apart. Wars pit nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom. Politics puts us at opposite ends of a spectrum. Bad blood between family members and friends drives a wedge where love should abound.

But one day, we will all join together for a specific purpose: to glorify the Lord!

Our friends at One for Israel expand that idea this way:

Can you imagine a day when the Gospel returns to Israel and Israeli believers grow in number? It is happening slowly, but through ministries such as One for Israel, more Jews than ever are seeking to know Yeshua (Jesus)! Testimonies of Jewish believers are found on OFI’s website, I Met Messiah, and have been viewed over 50 million times by Israelis!

Believing Jews will be present when we all gather to worship the Lord! In fact, all nations will go up to Jerusalem to worship the King! (Psalm 86:9 above) So will every other nation and people group! We will, indeed, see the whole earth filled with His glory!

PS: One for Israel coordinates our tours to Israel and they are an incredible partner. In February 2023, we will visit Israel (including getting to know the ministry of One for Israel). We still have a limited number of seats available, and you are invited to join us! See our tour page and please let us know if you have questions or are interested in joining us for a trip of a lifetime! Just email us at

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