Elections and God’s Sovereignty

Let’s face it…if you are a Christian in America, our elections, overall, were not favorable. (Perhaps the understatement of the year!) There are pockets of success, but huge disappointments in most states in which the “red wave” was supposed to sweep across the land. So, what are we to do as believers?

First and foremost, we must understand that God is still in control and is seated high and lifted up upon the throne of heaven! He is not surprised, nor is He uncaring. While it is true that God, in His sovereignty, exalts some and brings others down (Psalm 75:7 and Romans 13:1), I think we need to be careful about blaming God for things we, as believers, have failed in responsibilities entrusted to us. Yes, God can overrule any time and in any way He pleases. He is God.

Yet, God’s character is not to project harm, evil or vindictive actions for no reason. His commands to us are clear: obey, honor and worship Him and Him alone, and those commands are to abide over every area of life. Were we, as Christians, faithful to live out our faith at the ballot box? In 2019, according to My Faith Votes, it was believed that some 15 million Christians in America were not registered to vote. Though an estimated 90 million were eligible, as many as 40 million didn’t vote in 2020.

Have the numbers changed in the past two years? I personally believe there has been an increase, but not nearly enough. Let’s suppose those numbers increased by a whopping 25% (which is virtually impossible). That means there were still 30 million American Christians who did not vote in this year’s elections.

Believers, we have no room to complain as long as complacency remains at levels that make such incredible differences in our elections. In the 2020 elections, a total of 161 million Americans voted, and 3 key states were won with a total of less than 100,000 votes! I suspect, when all is said and done, we’ll see something similar in key states where margins are incredibly slim. What an astounding difference it would have made if only 1/2 of those 40 million unvoting Christians had voted! Every vote matters and I fear we have experienced another severe blow because Christians (in general) did not fulfill Biblical principle to live out our faith in EVERY area of life. As a result:

  • More babies will be murdered (several states legalized abortion, sometime until birth)
  • Our children will continue to be brainwashed with CRT and gender twisting propaganda (elected leftist proponents will push it harder than ever)
  • Our religious liberties will continue to erode
  • Crime will continue to grow worse
  • Drugs will continue to pour across our border
  • America will see dire financial stress

If you are one who did not vote, it is now water under the bridge and the opportunity is forever lost. However, grace abounds! There will be other elections, and I pray you will join the effort in standing for righteousness in our country. Please register to vote and make plans now to vote in the next election!

On a positive note, there were glimmers of light in this election. Every single governor that signed pro-life laws in the last year won re-election, some by large margins! Those included Gov Abbott (TX), Gov DeSantis (FL), Gov Noem (SD), Gov DeWine (OH), Gov Kemp (GA), Gov Stitt (OK), Gov Reynolds (IA), Gov Lee (TN), Gov McMaster (SC), Gov Little (ID), Gov Gordon (WY), and Gov Ivey (AL). Here is a story about this from LifeNews.com.

Believers, abortion is more than a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual issue. Become active, become vocal and let your elected officials know where you stand! Abortion should be a losing issue for Democrats, so let’s make sure we work toward that over the next two years!

America stands on the brink, and that matters on the world stage. The closer we get to the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the more important it is to stand and fight for those who have no voice and cannot fight for themselves! Let’s work until He comes!

Be encouraged, friends. We stand on the right side! Let’s lock arms and engage in the battle!

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