Arizonans, Please Check the Status of Your Ballot!

If religious freedoms are the #1 thing in civic engagement, then the #2 thing must be to protect the #1 thing!

It is no secret. Arizona (particularly Maricopa County) managed to botch yet another election. At some polling places, machines malfunctioned, and some voters were told to either wait or go to another polling place. For those who were already checked in, going to another polling place may have voided some ballots.


Please check the status of your ballot! (The deadline is Wednesday, November 16, so don’t delay!) If you had a mail-in ballot, whether you mailed it or dropped it off at a polling place, you need to CHECK THE STATUS of your ballot by clicking that link. Then click “Check Your Statu,” to arrive at this page:

Once you enter your information on the screen above and click “Open My Dashboard,” you should see a page that looks something like this:

Notice the far-right side says, “My Ballot Status.” If it indicates your ballot was counted, praise God! If it indicates anything different, please follow the prompts to “cure” your ballot.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, as one of the races is only 2,300 votes different (out of about 2.4 million). Having a conservative Attorney General is a huge advantage.

If you are like me, we’re all tired of election shenanigans and hearing about them. There is lots to do to clean up the mess and that is a different conversation. But let’s push through this mess to be sure every vote counts.

Please forward this to family and friends who live in Maricopa County (Arizona). Let’s help everyone have a voice!

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