The Finish Line is in Sight. Run Through the Tape!

For an athlete running a race, there is something that happens when the finish line comes into view. Pain and fatigue take a backseat to adrenaline and the desire to break the tape ahead of all competitors. It has been a long, hard electoral race and what was once a marathon is now a sprint to the finish line.

Christians (and conservatives in general) have much for which to be hopeful. Most of our candidates are surging and excitement is high. They are also recognizing the need of our country to return to faith! Here in Phoenix, I attended a rally last Friday night where each Republican candidate (Lake, Masters, Hamadeh and Finchem) appeared and declared publicly, “We need God back in our government and our country!” They are acknowledging God and running through the tape!

However, how foolish would it be to run the race, only to stop short of the finish line? Every track coach preaches this phrase: “Run through the finish line!” Don’t slow down, don’t coast, don’t let off the gas. Finish the race!

Here is how you finish the race: vote! Every single vote matters.

However, as believers, we place our trust in God and God alone. Therefore, it is imperative that we pray to the One who has the power to put rulers in place. Will you commit to join the effort?

Please pray:

  • American Christians set the example in overcoming apathy, and will vote their values.
  • The eyes of believers will be opened and they become agents of change.
  • God will impress upon hearts and minds the value of life and protecting the unborn.
  • God will restore order, integrity and the rule of law in America.
  • Deception will be exposed and evil schemes thwarted, both during and after the elections.

Once the election is over, we’ve got work to do, Christian friends. If, in God’s sovereign will, He grants us victory, don’t you think He will hold us accountable to steward well the fruits of victory? If our leaders lead us in conservative initiatives, will we be faithful to join the surge?

Let’s pray for righteousness to prevail, then let’s commit to take up the mantle and push forward our Christian values.

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