My Faith Votes when I Pray, Think, then Vote

Today is Election Day in America. What happens in America impacts the world. That is no more on display today than in the facts: two short years ago the world economy was much more stable, Russia was minding its own business, China was not threatening Taiwan, North Korea had stopped its missile tests, and Iran was held in check. Not to mention, Israel was in good standing with most of her neighbors and America was standing strong by her side.

It is definitely a different day in America and around the world, and how Americans vote today will have an impact on the world.

So, today, we’re pausing to pray, think and vote, and we’re inviting the world to join us in prayer. Please pray:

  • Eyes of American Christians and conservatives will be opened to the importance of getting in the game. Our Christian faith must be exercised in every area of life, including civic engagement such as voting in elections.
  • Righteousness will win out to save the lives of the unborn. CA and other states have critical ballot measures that could legalize abortion until the day of birth. Those who know and understand God’s Word cannot deny that life begins at conception. May such propositions, as well as candidates who support abortion, find no success in this election.
  • Evil schemes are uncovered and thwarted.
  • Candidates with strong Biblical values will win favor and will govern according to those values.
  • For God to grant unwarranted mercy upon America, and that Christians would respond in humble submission to His plans for us following the election.

America, it is up to us to vote. If you have not yet done so, go vote! It is our God-given privilege. Christians, it is up to us to think Biblically in all we do, including voting our values.

Pray. Think. Vote. God calls us to these things. Let’s be obedient.

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