An Israel Trip Preview: What Will We See?

Hi friends! In February 2023, we embark on the trip of a lifetime to the land of the Bible, and we’ve got a few seats available! Why not consider joining us!

I am particularly excited about this tour as, due to COVID, we have been “on hold” throughout 2020-2022. But Israel is now fully open with no vaccine or testing mandates and I am excited to return. This season marks the longest duration between Israel trips since 2008, so the excitement of hosting another fantastic EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR is growing by the day!

Those interested in visiting Israel often ask me, “What all will we see?”

Rest assured, we have a wonderful itinerary that includes seeing sights important to our Christian faith, as well as engaging the people and the culture in very meaningful ways. More about engagement another time, but today let’s focus on what we will see. Here is a brief look at only a few sights included on our itinerary.

We’ll see the beautiful Mediterranean Coast, including Tel Aviv, Caesarea by the Sea and Haifa. Here’s a glimpse:

We’ll also spend time in the Galilee area, where Jesus lived and taught His disciples. Sights include Tabgha (where Jesus called His first disciples), the Sea of Galilee, and Capernaum (Jesus’s “hometown” and location of so many miracles).

After time in the Golan Heights, we’ll drop down along the Jordan River to the Dead Sea. Masada (sight of the Jews’ last stand when the Romans drove them out), Ein Gedi (an oasis to which David fled from King Saul) and a float in the Dead Sea await us!

We’ll spend about 4 days in Jerusalem, including the City of David (the original Jerusalem), the Mount of Olives and the Garden Tomb.

This is only a taste! We’ll literally see dozens of sights that will cause your Bible to go from black and white to living color, as your understanding of Scripture will expand in ways not possible apart from being there!

We have a seat for you and would welcome you to our “Israel family!” Find more information on EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2023. Visiting Israel is a “must do” for every Christian and it would be our honor to host you in February 2023!

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