Exploring Israel – Masada

The steep, intimidating mountaintop fortress of Masada is our next stop. Be prepared to be in awe of this amazing place that served not only as a fortress for the Jewish people in 73AD, but also an elaborate winter palace for King Herod some 70+ years prior. The architecture, the brilliance in getting water to …

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An Israel Trip Preview: What Will We See?

Hi friends! In February 2023, we embark on the trip of a lifetime to the land of the Bible, and we've got a few seats available! Why not consider joining us! I am particularly excited about this tour as, due to COVID, we have been "on hold" throughout 2020-2022. But Israel is now fully open …

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Do You Know These Places?

Happy Lord's Day! Take a look at these amazing places in Israel. Can you identify them? Go to Israel with us and we'll show you each one. We just announced our 2023 tour, which will launch February 17, 2023. Check out EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2023 for more info.

Do You Know This Place?

This imposing butte was home to an ancient Herodian palace, making this landmark significant in many ways. It is a remote wilderness stronghold, near the Dead Sea, built by King Herod as a multi-tiered winter palace. (He built several opulent palaces in Israel.) The aerial view clearly shows storerooms where grain and crops were stored. …

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