From Ethnos to Theos

Hi friends! If you have studied along with us, you know we discovered the Greek word ethnos, translated in Matthew 24 when Jesus’ prophesied that nation will rise against nation. Ethnos, in Greek, is very much akin to “ethnic group,” and we would more accurately read Matthew 24 to say, …ethnos will rise against ethnos

While in Israel, we will visit Masada, the majestic tabletop mesa upon which Herod built himself an impenetrable palace, and where a zealous sect of Jews made their last stand against the Romans after they sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD. The Israeli Defense Forces bring graduates to Masada to remember the bravery of those Jewish ancestors, and to vow, “Never again!”

Amir Tsarfati delivers a powerful 3 1/2-minute message from that very place and it fits perfectly with where we are in the study! I hope you are encouraged by this message today!

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