For Believers, There is Hope in Death!

A few days ago, I lost a spiritual mom. She lived a full and relatively healthy life, ministering to others and mentoring those of us who wished to “follow her as she followed Jesus.” Tragically, her life was taken by injuries suffered in a horrible auto accident. Despite the sorrow and grief many of us feel, there is a deep-seated joy within us that she is now at home with her Savior, Jesus Christ, whom she loved more than life itself.

Friends, there are eternal differences between those who know Jesus Christ personally and those who do not. For those who know Him, death is only the gateway into eternity with Jesus. For those who don’t know Jesus personally, death is the gateway to eternity in hell with Satan and his demons. As they say in real estate: “Location, location, location!”

Even in death, there is hope for the believer…

Where will you spend eternity? If Jesus is not real and personal to you, why not consider him today?

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