How Do You Like the Last Days so Far?

Friends, is there any doubt we’re living in the last days? Is it all you expected and more!?! I don’t know of anyone who could predict the kinds of things we’re experiencing right now, but every day brings greater confirmation that Bible prophecy is true.

When the Bible describes the last days on earth as we know it, it is never pleasant and peachy. So, what did we think the last days would be like?

Here’s a look at a few current events that certainly seem to fit prophetic details of Scripture, as well as a bit of commentary of which you may or may not agree.

  • Don’t believe everything you see or hear on the news or the internet. There is a hidden agenda going on behind the scenes and mainstream media and social media are simply the communication and propaganda arms of “progressive” globalists. Evidence has even surfaced that some of the images and video coming out of Ukraine are not as they appear. That is NOT to say nothing is happening in Ukraine, or that we should not pray for the people there. We definitely should, as they are paying a very heavy price for weak world leadership. It is simply to say, don’t be naïve in believing everything you see and hear. Remember, deception is a key sign of the last days.
  • It is increasingly difficult to determine who is on whose side! While Russia and Iran are working together to keep Russia’s economy afloat, and while Russia supplies technology and equipment to Iran, Russia also turns a blind eye to Israel’s attacks on Iranian targets in Syria. China, meanwhile, appears to be underwriting the Russian economy by purchasing oil and gas. Yet, they have their own agenda. Chinese eyes are closely watching what is happening in Ukraine in order to assess whether they will get any resistance from America or the west. Bottom line: the Bible tells us Russia will lead a coalition that includes Iran, Turkey and some north African nations in an invasion of Israel. Ultimately, they will be on the same side (though with different agendas) when that time comes. China, meanwhile, is not mentioned in the soon-to-be-fulfilled Ezekiel 38 prophecy.
  • BTW – you may or may not know that America has not met face-to-face with Iran regarding the nuclear deal. Since Trump pulled out of the deal in 2018, Iran refuses to negotiate directly with America. So, why does Biden and his negotiating team even entertain further negotiations with Iran? Furthermore, guess who is negotiating on America’s behalf….Russia! I’m quite sure they have our best interests at heart! Far from it. Both Russia and Iran have an agenda in that arrangement, and both have America over a barrel. Iran will eventually get everything they ask for (and more), and Russia will force the US to drop certain sanctions in order for them to continue negotiating on behalf of the US! Have our leaders totally lost their minds!?! Or, is this all purposeful?
  • Meanwhile, the US is begging and pleading with OPEC, Iran and Venezuela to pump more oil and gas…all the while, sitting atop the world’s largest oil and gas fields. The Biden administration would rather deal with the devil and sacrifice America’s standing economically and militarily than give up the globalist “green agenda.” America will go down the tubes chasing that pipe dream.
  • Saudi Arabia just announced they are considering cutting oil deals with China, using Chinese currency rather than the American dollar. Once China and other major world players determine American dollars are no longer the global standard of currency, expect a mass exodus away from US currency…and the soon to follow economic collapse of America. If it goes through, the Saudi-Chinese deal is HUGE in terms of the transfer of global currency away from the US dollar.
  • What is taking Russia so long to take over Ukraine? Absolutely, the Russian military has proven to be less powerful than expected, but come on! With multiple times the manpower and military equipment, their well-tuned cyber capabilities, the world’s foremost propaganda machine, and the ability to fully control the skies over Ukraine, why in the world has Russia not taken more territory? Not to take anything away from the incredible bravery and fortitude of the Ukrainian military and citizens fighting for their lives, but something doesn’t make sense here. Or perhaps it does! The longer the activity in Ukraine continues, the less focus there is on the lack of leadership in America and the rest of the world. Russia can slow dance its way to power, and China can pick up the ball when necessary. Both are patiently waltzing their way to positions of world power by default. Neither of them are powerful enough to have done it conventionally, if the Trump policies had continued, or if the Biden administration had taken a strong stand to begin with. Instead, Russia and China licked their lips after the Afghanistan debacle and now see the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • BTW – “What to do in Ukraine” is beginning to split the Republican party as well. Could this significantly weaken the Republican party, and will it be the crisis needed to distract from the mess made by progressive Democrats that will keep the anticipated “red wave” from occurring in November’s elections?
  • While all eyes are on Ukraine, Iran is ramping up threats on Israel. US intelligence indicates that Iran has approximately 3000 ballistic missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv. Furthermore, covert (and not so covert) missions are underway by both Iran and Israel. There is a silent war already taking place, much of it in the cyber world. Just a few days ago, Iran was successful in hacking into Israeli government systems, and Israel is likely behind undercover operations to disable functions at the underground Fordow nuclear facility in Iran. Meanwhile, missiles and other weaponry continue to flow into Syria from Iran. There will come a time Israel will have to act in order to prevent all out affront on their nation. Could it be the spark that brings about the utter destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1), followed by the start of the northern invasion (Ezekiel 38)?

I’ll close with two thoughts. First, our world is without leadership. Putin is no leader…he’s simply a tyrant pushing his weight around. The Chinese, North Korean and Iranian leaders fall into the same category. A true leader leads from the front and serves those he leads. The world is void of such a leader, thus making our world ripe for the one who will come along with the perfect peace plan…the Antichrist.

If you’re interested, Benjamin Netanyahu appears in a video harkening back to the days of strong leadership both in Israel and the US. It’s a great look back, and a reminder that we have entered a new era. It is a 6-minute clip and well worth watching. Click here.

Secondly, there is reason to fear…and reason NOT to fear.

If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and if He is not your Savior, there is every reason to fear. What is happening in our world today pales in comparison to what’s coming in the Tribulation. But the Bible says you can put your trust in Jesus and He will rescue you from the wrath that is to come. (1 Thessalonians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 5:9) He died for your sins and longs for you to be free from the guilt and eternal damnation that comes without knowing Him. Trust Him today!

Believers, there is no need for you to fear. We’ve read The Book and we know how it ends! If you have put your trust in Jesus, look up, for your redemption draws near! (Luke 21:28)

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