Parable of the Fig Tree: The Generation that Shall Not Pass Away

Hi friends! Put on your sanctified imaginations for a moment and consider what it must have been like when Jesus took three of His disciples up to the Mount of Olives to answer questions about things to come. Bear in mind, the disciples knew nothing about what was to occur just a few days later, when Jesus was hung on a cross and resurrected after three days. All they knew was that news was going around about “end times,” and they wanted to know how they would know if the last days were upon them.

Jesus gave a detailed response in Matthew 24 and I encourage you to read that chapter often! Considering what we see in the world today, what Jesus describes could be front page news in today’s headlines!

In that discourse, Jesus “chased a rabbit” in verses 32-35. This parable of the fig tree was sandwiched in between Jesus prophesying about the coming of the Son of Man, and no one knowing the day or hour of His coming. But those four verses are perhaps the most foundational prophecy in Scripture when it comes to the rapture. It is a parable of the rebirth of Israel, without which the Messiah could not return! Conversely, when Israel WAS reborn as a nation on May 14, 1948, it paved the way for the rapture and other end time events! We do not know the day or the hour of the rapture, but we are in the season! How do we know? Because Israel is back in the land!

No one knows it better than Amir Tsarfati, and he explains the parable and tells us what Jesus meant when He said, “…this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.” This is a key teaching every believer should understand! Tune in and enjoy!

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