Understanding the Hebrew Month of Elul

Welcome back, study friends! We are focusing on 3 fall Jewish feasts, occurring in the next few weeks, that point to end time events. The Lord actually ordained 7 major feasts for the Jewish people, and all have prophetic implications. Four have already been fulfilled, so we’re focusing on the last 3! Yesterday, we laid out the basic details of all 7 feasts, and today we consider Elul, the month on the Hebrew calendar containing the final 3 feasts. (If you missed yesterday’s post, take time to check it out before moving ahead with today’s post.)

With yesterday’s post as the basis, we’ll now turn to One for Israel, a Jewish Messianic ministry in Israel, reaching Jews and Arabs with the Gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah)! As we move into the Hebrew month of Elul (Jewish feast season), it is important for believers to understand the Jewish roots of the prophetic events we often reference as end time events Be blessed as you read and study about this interesting time in history!

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