Explosion Rocks Central Gaza

Once again Palestinian Islamic Jihadists proved they care more about terrorism than they do the citizens of Gaza. Earlier today, weapons stored in a Gazan marketplace exploded, killing at least 1 and injuring about a dozen.

“This explosion is another evidence of the way the interests of terrorist organizations are prioritized over the interests of the residents of the Gaza Strip. Instead of responding to UN calls for the reconstruction of Gaza, terrorist organizations continue to manufacture weapons and promote the construction of military sites, these terrorist organizations store their weapons in the heart of residential neighborhoods and among civilians, exposing them directly to danger.”

~Arab media representative, Avichay Adraee

The explosion caused severe structural damage and smoke could be seen rising from the scene for miles. More detail regarding the explosion may be found here.

This is not the first explosion of PIJ weaponry inside civilian homes and marketplaces. Imagine if your home was turned into a warehouse for missiles and military parts. Innocent civilians often pay a high price for the tyrannical purposes of Hamas, PIJ and other terrorist regimes. For the most part, the people of Gaza simply want to live peacefully and care for their families, yet a dictatorial terrorist regime brainwashes them and imprisons them in squalor and hopelessness.

The people of Gaza need our prayers! I hope you will join me in lifting them before the Lord for salvation and safety from their own government.

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