BREAKING: Massive Israeli Airstikes on Iranian Positions in Syria

News is just breaking regarding what appears to be very comprehensive airstrikes on Iranian positions in multiple Syrian cities. Israelis have carefully monitored Iranian weapons and equipment delivered to various bases in Syria and allowed stockpiles to build before targeting one massive attack on those caches. That seems to be what has taken place just a few hours ago.

This news comes from sources on the ground in Syria, and was alluded to in at least one report from the Syrian news agency Sanaa. Major news outlets have yet to confirm.

Once again, world events point toward two specific Bible prophecies: Isaiah 17:1, which tells us a day is coming when Damascus (Syria’s capital) will be utterly destroyed, and Ezekiel 38-39, warning us of a coming invasion of Israel, led by a Russian czar and joined by Iran, Turkey and others. Today, close examination of Syria and all that is happening there reveals that Russia is sitting somewhat silently, but definitely in control of Syria; Iran building up military operations in Syria; and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan desiring to establish himself as the head of a new Ottoman Empire.

Friends, the Bible never gets it wrong! Damascus will, one day soon, cease to exist; and the “Big Three Coalition” (Russia, Iran and Turkey) will be joined by a few others, such as Libya and Sudan, in an attack of Biblical proportions on Israel. BUT…God has promised that Israel will stand forever! Why? Because that is where Jesus will physically return after the Tribulation!

Meanwhile, believers, have faith! The Bible also tells us the Rapture happens before the Tribulation begins! Those of us in Christ are about to get our heavenly passports stamped!

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