Can You Identify This Place?

Just for fun….below are pictures of a very recognizable place in Israel. Do you know where it is?

We will see this very place on our trip to Israel in October, 2021! We’re less than 5 months out and we are so excited! But guess what, we now have space for 4-6 more people! Yes, I know…things have appeared less than thrilling in Israel in recent days. However, the IDF has things well in hand, and once they neutralize Hamas’ capability of attacking Israel from Gaza, it will once again be safe to go there.

Put it in perspective. Israel has faced this kind of animosity throughout history, particularly since becoming a reborn nation in 1948…just as the Bible said they would! Yet, Israel still stands and is stronger and more powerful than ever. The current chaos will subside and peace will reign once more over Israel! This will be trip #9 for me, and I have never felt more peaceful than when I am in Israel. (We will never take you where either the Israeli government, the US government, the tour coordinator or I believe it is not safe!)

So, why not check it out! You will find information on the 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page.

Meanwhile, effo za? Where is this?

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