A Strong America Strengthens Israel

Welcome back, dear friends!  For many days we focused on the idea of Occupy Till I Come.  We honed in on the fact that our gracious Lord wants to find us doing our Father’s business, or occupying, when He returns for us.  Jesus taught that in New Testament parables.  He is coming soon, and we must be ready! 

We applied the principle to America and made the point that we occupy what we’ve been given.  In America, we’ve been given a tremendous heritage, yet we are sliding off the Godly foundation our forefathers so wonderfully put in place for us.  So, we discussed how, as believers, we might regain our stance on God’s Word and live it out in society.

But, let’s return now to the big picture!  Occupy Till I Come was actually a series-inside-a-series.  Since early this year, we have intermittently focused on America, Israel and the ChurchOccupy Till I Come placed focus mostly on the “America” portion of that triad, because that is where the vast majority of us (blog followers) live.  So, as we look at America, Israel and the Church today, we do so within the context of the series we just finished. 

Since Israel’s rebirth as a nation in 1948, no other nation has stood as strongly with Israel as the United States.  In fact, thanks to President Harry Truman, the US was the first to acknowledge the newborn nation in 1948, and it is a fantastic story.  Check it out:

What followed was a string of US presidents with various degrees of faithfulness who stood firm with Israel.  None stood firmer, though, than President Donald Trump who officially recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem (which every other president promised, but never did), proclaimed Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and initiated the most groundbreaking string of treaties ever between Israel and several Arab countries.  The slide from principle was, at least to some degree, delayed as we followed a President who loved Israel and blessed Israel, as the Bible commands.

The Trump administration led from a position of strength and, because of that, there was relative calm in the Middle East throughout his presidency.  In the Middle East, the first one to blink is seen as weak, and instantly becomes a target for radical Islamists.  America stood strong and did not blink in the face of internal or external pressure to undermine Israeli sovereignty.  A strong America has always been the best ally Israel could have.  However, the reality is that Israel has grown up!  That “kid brother” became strong and mighty and is able to stand ground with the big boys.

Not a minute too soon!  Now that Israel is leading from a position of strength, determined never to blink or bend to enemy pressure, the current American administration is showing deeply concerning signs of cracking when it comes to America’s relationship with Israel.

But let’s not forget, there is a “Church” part of the triumvirate also.  It is critical to remember that a strong church undergirds a strong America, so that a strong America can stand with Israel! The Israel-Gaza conflict has brought Israel back to front and center in world news, and pressure is mounting. 

The church’s role is to be bold, to stand strong and to speak out on behalf of Israel.  We do so, not because we agree with everything Israel does, but because God, in His sovereignty, chose Israel as His vehicle of world redemption, and He commands us to bless Israel. 

So church, what will we do?  Will we stand with Israel…or will we stand on the sideline and do nothing?  Let’s get in the game by:

  • Praying regularly for Israel, including her leaders, the IDF and her citizens.  May their eyes and hearts be open to see and know Jesus, their Messiah.
  • Make it political!  Yes, I really said that!  We have made “politics” a bad word, but when used properly, it is appropriate.  Elected officials are servants of their constituents, therefore, they need to know where we stand on issues. Contact your Senators and Representatives and exhort them to stand with Israel!  Right now, there is a big push by left-wing radicals to cut off aid to Israel, and other punitive measures, simply because Israel defends her citizens.  Make it known loud and clear to your elected officials that you believe it is vital to stand with Israel!  Also, vote for candidates who obey the Biblical command to bless Israel!
  • Speak out when you hear someone spewing hatred or lies regarding Israel.  A few voices speaking truth make a difference!
  • Make an effort to meet Jewish people in your community and to encourage them by proclaiming that you stand with them and with Israel. 
  • Invest in ministries who show the love of Jesus to both Arabs and Jews in Israel!  I highly recommend One for Israel, The Joshua Fund and Home of Jesus the King Church.  All are sharing the love of Jesus in Israel and all are highly reputable ministries who are not in it for the money.  They truly care about giving Jews and Arabs the greatest gift possible:  Jesus!

Hang around for the next few days.  A train of thought just left the station and is headed your way!  I’ll share more tomorrow!

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