Jihad to Jesus: When Jews Take the Gospel to Arabs across the Middle East

I’m proud to say that our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS partner with One for Israel, an Israeli ministry made up of Jewish believers who take the Gospel not only to their Jewish countrymen, but also to the predominately Muslim Arab world. The impact to both Jews and Arabs in the region is incredible, and is growing significantly from year-to-year as One for Israel shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with millions of Jews and Arabs.

OFI’s Arab ministry is reaching into enemy countries via the internet, and people are coming to know Jesus is record numbers. (Find out more here.) I want you to hear one of the most powerful testimonies ever from a man in one of those countries! Listen to the miraculous way the Lord brought redemption to him!

Incredible stories like this abound because our Lord Jesus Christ is doing a might work through the ministry of One for Israel.

One thing that makes EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS unique is our partnership with One for Israel. During our tours, we actually make a stop at One for Israel headquarters to meet the people and get a first-person glimpse at the ministry that takes place there. Beyond that, we visit Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors who trained together at Israel College of the Bible (a sister ministry), and who are living out the Gospel as they lead their congregations and minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

There is no better way to understand how God is working in the Middle East than to go there and EXPERIENCE ISRAEL yourself! Our next tour takes place October 2-14, 2021, and we have opened up a few more seats. A trip to Israel will bring understanding to your faith that cannot happen any other way. You will truly never be the same after experiencing all we pack into our itinerary. Here is one testimony:

I was hesitant to go, but little did I know what the Lord had in store. It was a life-changing journey! Learning more about the sites was fantastic, but the true value of the trip was the opportunity to personally engage the people and their culture.  Hearing a Holocaust survivor's story, visiting pastors, experiencing worship with Jews and Arabs, talking to Israeli soldiers at a military outpost, and hearing God's Word taught in the exact places Jesus taught totally changed my life.  This experience was priceless!

This experience awaits you as well! For more information:

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