Who Said it? “God’s Will is no Concern of this Congress!”

American Christians, I am encouraged more and more every day by the initiatives of strong Christian leaders to reclaim America’s heritage and strong Christian foundation. There are true battles raging to combat the constant barrage of anti-Christian rhetoric and actions by government leaders at every level, and organizations such as Turning Point USA and American Family Association are standing strong for Christian values.

Immediately, some will ask why that is important on a blog focused on a heart and a passion for Israel. In short, if Christians are silenced in America, there will be few left to stand with Israel! For that reason, we addressed that fact in a lengthy series entitled America, Israel and the Church, launched January 25. Click here for more detail. We will return to that theme when appropriate…and today’s topic is appropriate!

When students returned to an elementary school in Mississippi earlier this year, student masks carried logos of sports teams, decorative symbols and political messages such as “Black Lives Matter.” Yet, one 3rd grader’s mask caused an outrage. It read, “Jesus Loves Me,” and she was required to remove it.

Perhaps that should not be shocking, given some of our nation’s leaders deny the existence, power and sovereignty of God. In a noteworthy exchange in the halls of Congress, Florida Republican Greg Steube, reading from a Bible commentary, stated:

“Whenever a nation’s laws no longer reflect the standards of God, that nation is in rebellion against Him, and will inevitably bear the consequences.”

~FL Congressman, Greg Steube

In response, radical Democrat Congressman, Jerry Nadler, from New York, brazenly replied, “Mr. Steube, what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”

Believers, the attacks are real, and they are reaching from the powers in Congress to the innocent in America’s elementary schools and everything in between. So, what can we do? I have heard it said, there are three kinds of people:

  • Those who do something.
  • Those who do nothing.
  • Those who support those who do something.

There is too much to be said in a single post, so it will stretch into future posts as well. But for today, the take away should be this: as believers, we do not have the option of doing nothing if we wish to retain religious freedom and civility. Throughout history, when America has faced the worst times, it has always been the church…believers in Jesus Christ…who lead our great nation back to stability.

Stay tuned for more. But meanwhile, if you live in the Phoenix area and want a first step in how to get involved, consider attending Freedom Square a Turning Point USA event hosted by Dream City Church at 6:00 tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 4, 2021). Click the link above for more information and a map to the venue.

See you there!

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