America, Israel and the Church: A New Adventure

Welcome to a brand new series, friends! We’re going to set sail together on a quest to know how to navigate the angry seas, and how America, Israel and the church fit into God’s plan. He is the Captain of our vessel, and I’m only a fellow sojourner, tasked with getting into His Word, considering where the Captain leads, and doing my best to chart the course He lays out before us.

For far too long, Americans have failed to defend the Constitution, Israelis have failed to seek their Messiah, and the church has failed to stand on the truth of God’s Word. That is a recipe for worldwide chaos and we are seeing it play out now. Granted, some have awakened, it seems, but is it too little too late?

Thus, as we consider the times in which we live, it seems that America, Israel and the church are inextricably linked.

  • Israel is God’s chosen land, and the Jewish people are God’s chosen people, through whom His ultimate plan is revealed and implemented.
  • God’s faithfulness to Israel is His warranty of faithfulness to the church. (“Church,” meaning believers in Jesus Christ, not the buildings in which we meet.)
  • America, the only nation on planet earth founded solidly upon Judeo-Christian principles, is the last bastion of hope on this earth.

Jesus is coming soon. Israel is His timepiece, the church is His witness, and America’s last remaining gasps are virtually all that stand in the way of worldwide lawlessness.

A word to my friends in other countries: America is no more valuable than your country. Every person and every country on earth has equal value in the sight of the Lord. It is simply that God gives different roles and responsibilities to each of us. Israel was called to bless every family on earth. (Genesis 12:3) Indeed, they gave us the Messiah, yet it came with a very heavy responsibility and they have been persecuted heavily throughout history. Likewise, in America, God freed our forefathers from the tyranny of “religion” and built our nation on Biblical principles. It is a great blessing, but also carries heavy responsibility, of which we, as a nation, are failing.

Not in whole, but for the most part, the Jewish people have rejected their Messiah, Americans have forsaken their nation’s heritage, and the church is failing to shine the Light of Christ in a world becoming darker by the moment. If we whittle it down to a personal level, we are faced with tough questions. Do I know the Messiah (Jesus Christ) personally? If so, is the Light of Christ shining through me? If I am an American, what am I doing to uphold the Biblical principles on which our nation was founded? Am I making a positive difference?

The Captain has only just begun providing revelation and insight to this humble scribe. Perhaps He will provide revelation and insight to you as well. We are going to live it out together for as long as our Captain leads us on. Are you up for the journey? Will you seek Him as we travel together? Will you pray for wisdom and clarity as we sail uncharted waters?

If so, you’re aboard the right vessel! This is your welcome announcement and I hope your gear is stowed securely. Our vessel pushes off from shore tomorrow morning! Aye aye, mate…see you then!

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