Happening in Real Time: Elected American Officials are Openly Turning Against Israel

Friends, our world is spinning out of control, and sadly, America is the crank that turns that wheel. Just hours ago, while speaking at the radically pro-Palestinian J Street Conference, progressive Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both called for the ousting of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, increasing funding to the Palestinian Authority (for the use of paying terrorists), and restricting military aid to Israel.

Many sources are reporting this. Here are three:

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is running full speed ahead to to release all sanctions on Iran and reenter the nuclear deal. We are living in the absurd!

Believers, unless and until Americans make a strong stand for righteousness at the ballot box, we can do nothing to stop putrid ideology from spewing from the mouths of the unrighteous. As Americans, we should be greatly disturbed about the course this administration is taking toward Israel.

Not only does God promise to bless those who bless Israel (Abraham and his descendants) and curse those who curse Israel, He also guards Israel closely and will move harshly against those who threaten her.

PPT - The Case for the Deity of Christ PowerPoint Presentation, free  download - ID:5446443

America is on shaky ground. But, if you are a believer, I have great news for you! Regardless of where you live, your citizenship is in heaven where our Savior is, and is His coming to get us soon! (Philippians 3:20-21, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Corinthians 15)

But while we are on this earth, we have work to do! There is a battle raging, and it is bigger than who sits in the White House, Congress, or in the Prime Minister’s chair. It has to do with the souls of men, women and children. Do you have family members who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ? How about friends and co-workers? If you were given the power to send others to hell, who would you send?

The power of hell is defeated only by the power that lives within each of us! Unleash the power within you so the power of hell does not prevail! That doesn’t mean be weird. That means earnestly seeking the Lord in how you can share the power that is within you with those around you who don’t have the power of the Living God inside them! Then, DO what He leads you to do!

America will almost certainly fall from power. It doesn’t mean we are not active in the fight for righteousness at the ballot box, but we must even more adamantly be active in the fight for the hearts and souls of those we know. Don’t allow the power of hell to draw your family and friends into it. Rather, plug into the power that is within you.

You know what? If every Christian did that, our nation would be in a much different place as well!

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