A Review of Joel Rosenberg’s “The Beirut Protocol”

Guilty as charged! I’m a fan of Joel Rosenberg novels and his main character, Marcus Ryker! True to form, The Beirut Protocol opens with an action scene and never slows down! Rosenberg’s action novels always have a spy element to them, and veteran readers know not to discount any character as a mole in the plot lines that weave throughout his novels.

The Beirut Protocol is the fourth in a series in which Marcus Ryker manages to find his way out of danger to shine as the heroic former Secret Service agent whose desire is torn between settling down with a wife and family, and charging full bore into the next high level assignment as the nation’s most highly-decorated CIA operative. After all, he upset the Russian apple cart in The Kremlin Conspiracy, foiled Iranian plots in The Persian Gamble and saved the lives of top American officials and diplomats in The Jerusalem Assassin. Along the way, earning a bulls eye on his back as the most wanted American agent in the entire unit of security service personnel.

On an advance mission to secure the way for the US Secretary of State’s visit to Israel for talks and potentially the signing of a treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Ryker and his fellow operatives are attacked, apprehended, and pulled deep behind enemy lines. Taken captive at the Lebanese-Israeli border, it is not immediately apparent who the abductors are. Could it be the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who would love to get their hands on Marcus Ryker? Is it Hezbollah, at the behest of the Iranian regime? Or, is it a rogue cell of terrorists looking for a payout?

Regardless, what Ryker and his buddies go through over the next few days, and how the scenario plays out in the end, is best left to the reader! As is the typical mention of romance which graces Rosenberg novels, making the character more than a hardened, battle-weary security officer.

Allow your mind to climb into the setting and the plot of The Beirut Protocol and you are in for a ride! Though characters are developed in previous novels, each novel alone. No need to read the previous three before reading this one. (Though I do recommend the others!) It is a tough book to put down, and it contains a great number of characters, so I suggest finding large chunks of time and reading it in only a few sittings.

If you like geopolitical action thrillers with a “what if” look at end times prophecy, this series of novels is for you! If you don’t yet have a copy, you can get it here: The Beirut Protocol. Enjoy!

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