Are All Things Well with Your Soul?

I remember as a young girl, growing up in a Southern Baptist Church, singing the old hymns that had such great theology in their lyrics. While I enjoy contemporary worship, I must admit that an occasional hymn takes me back to much less complicated days and brings a sense of peace. Given what we have endured for months now, perhaps we should consider such a hymn!

It is Well with My Soul has always brought peace and comfort to me. I have long known the story behind the song, as Horatio Spafford wrote it following the horrific loss of his wife and children. That man knew trials and tragedy, and how to navigate through them. It makes our current trials seem small.

However, the song took on even greater meaning when, on a trip to Israel in 2019, a few of us unwittingly bumped into a great grandson of Horatio Spafford! We spent time in conversation with him and what a joy it was! (Find the account of that chance meeting here.)

As we spend this Lord’s Day focusing on He who watches over us, I hope the song brings peace and comfort to you.

If you are not following along in our mini-series, Can You Hear Me Now, I invite you to do so. We are attempting to view the chaos of the past weeks through the lens of Scripture. Check out Part 1: Can You Hear Me Now – A New Mini-Series, and Part 2: Doors of Opportunity: Be Careful Which Ones You Open, then join us tomorrow for Part 3: Prelude to Babylon 2.0.

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