Promised Land Stories: Back to Beit Lehem – Harvest

Happy Lord’s Day, dear friends!

I hope you are enjoying our series, Back to Beit Lehem. It was produced by a friend of mine who spent many years ministering in Magdala Israel, helping to mend wounds between Jews and Arabs. By using the Biblical account of Ruth and Naomi, and the real-life story of a Jewish and an Arab women, we glean understanding of Hermana’s ministry of reconciliation between Jews and Arabs.

The series is nearing an end, but previous episodes can be found below and are worth watching. I invite you to take the time to start at the beginning and follow this story through. It will bless your heart!

Just when you think peace is impossible in the Middle East, we see it in living color right before our eyes! These women have a tremendous heart and a deep faith that Jesus the Messiah is for everyone. I wonder…do we have the same faith in that?


Be sure to catch the last episode next Sunday, as they lead us out of the story with Scriptural knowledge that our Redeemer still pursues us as He did Naomi and Ruth!

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