Promised Land Stories: Back to Beit Lehem – The Pathway

Happy Sunday everyone! If you have followed, you know Sunday is dedicated to the ideas of worship and understanding the character of God. Many weeks ago I introduced you to a friend of mine, Hermana Viljoen, so gifted in doing just that!

Hermana is South African, but spent a great many years in Israel, ministering to women and working to bridge the divide between Arabs and Jews. I first met Hermana in 2015 when I went to Jerusalem for a Christian Leaders Seminar. During those incredibly intense 8 days, our class took a field trip to the Galilee area, including a stop at Magdala, the location of a newly excavated synagogue in which Jesus most certainly would have taught.

Hermana met our group and served as tour guide, but there was something more to Hermana. So during a few free moments, I quickly gathered data regarding her ministry purpose in Israel. In a very short time, she shared the incredible mission God had molded her to fulfill, and I was so blessed.

Fast forward to 2020. After many years in Israel, Hermana announced she was returning to her homeland of South Africa. Then COVID hit! Prohibited from travel, she remained for many months, where she teamed up with the young, talented film-producer-in-the-making who produced the videos I have shared over the weeks.

Now, I want to begin the series that became the crown jewel of their work together. In short segments, you will peer right into the heart of Hermana and her ministry of reconciling Arabs and Jews. It is a precious story, and I invite you to journey together as we hear the incredible story Hermana and Jako have memorialized in film.

By the way, Hermana has now reached her homeland and is already ministering the love of Jesus there, no doubt bringing reconciliation between those who might otherwise be enemies! God bless you and your ministry, Hermana!

Stay tuned…we’ll return to the story next Sunday!

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