George Soros: Billionaire Radical

Welcome back friends! Yesterday we focused on The Coming New World Order, where we examined what we see around us today in light of Bible prophecy.

Today, let’s jump right into the one I believe Satan is using for this season to pull the strings on the New World agenda. Of course, that is George Soros. He is outlandish and outrageous, but take a look at what he says:

Part 3, Quotes of George Soros – lauravent69

There is no doubt Soros is waging war on America like never before!

I found an excellent video, revealing just who George Soros is, and where his money goes. In light of what we discussed yesterday, there is no doubt whatsoever who is behind it.

In the video, Soros actually acknowledges his belief that he is god. Friends, we’re staring a false prophet right in the eyes! Take a look:

Despite it all, JESUS STILL SITS ON THE THRONE! Do not be dismayed, believing friends! We always overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of His testimony! (Revelation 12:11)

Blanca - Greater Is He (Lyrics) - YouTube

We’ll keep things uplifting tomorrow, then I’ll share more about the coming New World Order on Monday. Stick with us!

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