What Happens when a Jew is Awakened to the Messiah?

Hi Friends! As 2020 comes to a close, I want to share some really good news from Israel. Jews are awakening to Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah…the One we call Jesus! No, not yet in numbers we pray for, but in growing numbers, and the testimonies are astounding!

One for Israel has taken the Romans 1:16 admonition of “to the Jew first” literally! OFI is on the front lines, sharing the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus), and Jews are hearing it! The ministry is Israel-based, run by native Israelis, ministering to Israelis! The outreach is enormous, but God gave them an even greater opportunity during COVID. Because Israelis own more electronic devices per capita than anyone else in the world, the online ministry of One for Israel has gone viral in Israel. Views of testimonies and teachings have absolutely exploded in numbers in 2020.

To end the year, I want to share the latest OFI video containing the testimony of one Jewish man. This is the power of Jesus the Messiah, working in the lives of Israelis. Take a look:

As year-end approaches, now is a great time to support ministries doing the work of the Kingdom. I highly recommend One for Israel. I have met the staff personally, and have partnered with them to coordinate our Israel tours. I can personally attest to the work they do, am confident of their integrity, and gifts are tax-deductible. Why not join the effort financially!

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