The Rise of One World Religion

Today, we are watching evil seep from every crook and crevice like never before. By God’s grace, America has enjoyed over 240 years of God’s grace and blessing upon our nation. Why? Because God needed a people group to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world.

Our nation was founded on Biblical principles by pilgrims fleeing state-run religion and nations in which there was little opportunity to worship freely. From those humble beginnings, America grew to be the most prolific spreader of the Gospel on planet earth.

Yet, here we are in 2020, having shaken our collective fists at God, wondering why evil is flooding our society.

This is the fourth of a series focusing on “mystery Babylon,” the evil system of false government and false religion over which the Antichrist will reign during the Tribulation. Here are the three previous posts:

Yes, the Antichrist will rule a globalist government and a globalist religion. Understand, the Antichrist is not yet revealed, and will not be until Christians are taken out of the world via the Rapture. However, we are definitely seeing the stage being set, even in America…the last bastion of hope to a free world.

We’ve discovered how what we see today is exactly what the Bible warns we will see in the last days. We have also discovered a major player in the evil scheme today to buy, control and rule the world. Yesterday, we discovered the reality of the Illuminati, hell bent on developing One World Government.

Today, we close the loop. The Antichrist will rule not only the government, but also a One World Religion. Who and how? Here is a very Biblically accurate possibility. Again though, as you watch, remember that King Jesus is greater than all! Be encouraged that the Antichrist cannot touch us as believers and followers of Jesus Christ!

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