Religious Freedom Firmly Entrenched in American Foreign Policy

International Religious Freedom Day: It’s Time to Applaud President Trump’s Remarkable IRF Accomplishments

In many ways, President Donald Trump has said to the world: “If you want to do business with America, you must acknowledge and abide by the righteous ideals we hold dear.” The man just knows how to use a great economy as a weapon! (Meanwhile, he is the first president in many years not to get America into another war!)

Examples are many, but here are a few.

Why is there growing peace in the Middle East after so many presidents promised it but could never get it done? Because, in part, peace with Israel is a pre-requisite to doing business with America! Of course, it isn’t quite that simple, but that is part of it. Remember President Trump’s first trip abroad? It was to Saudi Arabia to kick off negotiations for what we see now as the Abraham Accords! To bring it about, he had to build an economic powerhouse that he could use as a bargaining chip. Before the coronavirus, he built perhaps the most robust American economy ever, and he began to use America’s economic force to bring about peace.

Makes me doubtful we will see the full impact if the White House swings the other direction on election day.

Why are Russia, China, Iran and North Korea behaving better now than before? Because they all need to do business with America to thrive. China’s economy, for example, rivaled that of the US until President Trump took office. Then he said, “If you want to do business with the US, we have to level the playing field when it comes to trade.” He got tough on China and, to remain a viable trade partner, they had to agree to stiff tarrifs or watch their economy tumble without trade with America.

Same with NATO. Our military partners had become almost totally dependent upon the US and our tax-payer dollars, yet we were spending human and military capital on behalf of those nations. “If you want to do business with America, you’ve got to pay your fair share in military cooperation!”

Now, my favorite example! International Religious Freedom Day came and went a few days ago, so stop to consider that glorious freedom. Christians continue to be persecuted terribly in many parts of the world. However, President Trump has tightened that noose also. Where other presidents failed to get American citizens out of religiously-motivated captivity, President Trump says, “Give them up, or you won’t do business with America!”

In fact, by Executive Order, religious freedom is an official part of President Trump’s foreign policy, and when he named Mike Pompeo, a rock-solid Christian, as Secretary of State, that foreign policy was implemented around the world! Not only are Christians now better protected, but so are persecuted Muslims, Baha’i and others.

The impact of what President Trump has done regarding religious freedom on the international level is astounding! Please take 2 minutes to read It’s Time to Applaud President Trump’s Remarkable IRF Accomplishments.

You will never hear these things in the mainstream media. Though President Trump may have character flaws, when it comes to protecting what we as Christians hold dear, he knows how to weild power, and he has proven to be a beacon of hope. God can use anyone!

America is a better place. Israel is a better place. The Middle East is a better place. The world is a better place when righteousness is put forth…even if it comes from an unrighteous man.

If you have not yet voted, please vote for the values that make our country and the world a better place.

UPDATE: On the day this was posted (October 31, 2020, US special ops Seal Team 6 rescued a kidnapped American in Nigeria! All during the final days of an election campaign. Again, the Trump administration takes no rest in applying solid foreign policy and protecting Americans around the world! Our country is a better place!

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