Promised Land Stories: The Father’s House

Welcome back friends! In last week’s Promised Land Story, we explored the Geographical Location of Zion. There, we learned about the City of David and its location in relation to the Old City of Jerusalem we see today.

Today’s Promised Land Story picks up where that one left off, and is entitled The Father’s House. As you view today’s video, notice the large excavated area of limestone, seen most prominently at the 32-second mark. That is the City of David. You see the golden Dome of the Rock, sitting upon Temple Mount, further to the north (top of the video).

Hermana and Jaco (the young man who produced these videos) are from South Africa, so you hear them express their sorrow regarding the Durban (South Africa) Convention in which Zionism was equated with racism. That, however, launches a conversation regarding anti-Semitism.

In turn, a discussion ensues regarding the Father’s heart for His people and the house He has prepared for them! You don’t want to miss the ending! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Promised Land Stories: The Father’s House

  1. Veronica Herman

    Thanks Kym. I so look forward to these segments of The Promised Land stories. They take us deeper into scripture and I really enjoy Hermana, a soothing and refreshing voice. And once you’ve been to Israel, it brings the passages alive.

    1. You’re welcome, Ronnie! So glad you are blessed by the Promised Land Stories. Yes, connecting with Hermana was one of the few things we didn’t get to do while in Israel. (She worked at Magdala and had other obligations the day we were there.) However, such a blessing to introduce her via those short videos. Blessings!

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