How Does Biden’s “ChinaGate” Impact Israel?

With an eye on American elections, it is important to filter things through a Biblical lens. Yes, some have very different definitions and “parameters” for that, and not everyone will agree that it matters Biblically. That’s okay! You are free to make up your own mind!

As we consider a very “political issue,” though, my intent is not to get into the weeds politically, but to consider the elephant in the room from a Biblical perspective. I am, of course, talking about the Biden scandal and mainstream media’s refusal to cover it, much less demand answers to tough questions.

In case you haven’t caught wind of it, I’ll explain. Mounds of very strong evidence have been uncovered, suggesting that Joe Biden’s son (Hunter), brother (Jim), and perhaps Joe himself were involved in deal-making with government officials in Russia, Ukraine and China, beginning while Joe Biden was still Vice President in the Obama administration.

The allegations include the Biden family coming away with incredibly rich deals, predicated on Hunter Biden’s board and advisory positions, despite his total lack of experience and knowledge in the things he was dealing (primarily energy). At least once, Hunter was aboard Air Force Two with his father, enroute to China where a major deal was discussed. If true, our tax dollars paid for Hunter to go cut a deal with one of America’s most hostile nemisis, which netted the Biden’s millions of dollars.

Joe Biden has fully denied knowing anything about his son’s business deals, but the evidence seems to implicate candidate Biden in multiple situations in which eye witnesses attest to his presence and knowledge, or common sense leads to that fact. (For example, what exactly was Hunter doing on that trip to China aboard Air Force Two with his father?)

There are many more juicy details, but you get the idea. Joe Biden may well have been “bought off” by Communist China, making him nothing but a puppet to their demands.

The point, now, is that the media, known to be very biased in favor of the far left liberals, has refused to air even an inkling of this potential scandel that could have ramifications as great or greater than Watergate. It’s not that the Biden’s should be declared immediately guilty, but this evidence at least deserves to be investigated. Yet the FBI has sat on evidence since at least 2019, and the media intentially keeps it under wraps. Biden is allowed to hide out in his basement without questioning, and we march on toward an election in which he could become America’s next president.

Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this!?!

Because the Justice Department (including the FBI) is still filled with Obama era cronnies more intent in nailing the current administration than getting to the bottom of real issues, and the media is clearly working as a Democratic “superpac” to get Biden elected.

But wouldn’t Biden be a disgrace to the liberal left if: 1. He bumbles his way into the White House, and 2. enough evidence comes out that it becomes obvious the Biden’s were indeed in cohoots with the Chinese, the Russians and others?

Of course it would be a disgrace…and, in my opinion, that is exactly what the media wants if Biden is elected!

That would help the media “save face,” because after the election, they could begin putting it all over the news, calling for an investigation, and they will appear to be even-handed and upstanding.

All the while, they get rid of the guy they wish they could have gotten rid of earlier, but couldn’t because he was the Democratic nominee! Yes, I believe the liberal media wants to get rid of Joe Biden because he is not strong enough to fight for their cause and push their agendas!

Instead, they want Kamala Harris, the most liberal Senator ever in the US Senate, to have free reign to implement the most damaging liberal agenda we can ever imagine. If left to Kamala Harris and the liberal left, America will quickly be on a path to socialism.

But that’s America’s problem. What will it mean for Israel?

With Harris at the helm, the US would rejoin the horribly evil Iran deal, thus relieving Iran of sanctions that are currently crippling the Iranian regime and keeping them from carrying out their mission. Unfettered, they would move full steam ahead in production of nuclear weapons, which will target Israel and the US!

A Harris presidency would also render the US-Israel relationship rocky at best, if not totally disengaged. She may shut down the embassy in Jerusalem (mostly as a “tit-for-tat”), and would empower the Palestinians once again to work toward dividing the land of Israel. (Woe to America if we allow that.)

There is so much more, but let’s leave it at that. Prophetically, Harris as President could hasten the Ezekiel 38 invasion of Russia, Iran, Turkey and others from the north, and it could leave Israel standing all alone.

Interesting. That is exactly what the Bible tells us will happen in the last days!

So, how important do you think this election is?

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