God is Raising up Leaders All Across America

Well, friends, we’re less than 4 days away from what many believe could be the most consequential election in American history. It seems to me personally that we’re sitting on the fulcrum of a lever that could tilt very dangerously toward an America we have never known.

However, I have to say, I have growing confidence the American people will not let the teeter-totter tilt toward the destruction of our nation. I am particularly proud of the number of Chritians praying and voting for righteousness in this election. Kudos to those of you who are making your voices heard also! The fight for righteousness is worth it, and what happens in this election will literally impact the world! (I’ll share a specific example of that tomorrow!)

In doing a little research on Senate seats up for grabs, I have discovered several who are strong conservatives. I was particularly impressed with John James, a young man running to unseat an incumbant liberal Democrat in Michigan. I share this to ask you to join me in praying for John James and other conservatives (including Martha McSally here in Arizona) as they fight for the opportunity to protect our values. Our prayers are vital.

Here is a glimpse of John James, who is endorsed by Nikki Haley. Pray for this young man!

Tomorrow I will share some thoughts regarding Joe Biden’s “Chinagate” and the impact on Israel. See you then!

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