Promised Land Stories: The West Bank

In last week’s Promised Land Story, we took a look at Judea and Samaria. It is the Biblical heartland where Abraham made his way into Canaan, David shepherded his father’s flocks, the tabernacle was established at Shiloh and so many other Biblical accounts took place.

However, today that same area is known primarily as the West Bank. If one gauges only by the news, he might think the West Bank is wholly and completely a dangerous place. In whole, it is not. However, there are places in the West Bank that Jewish Israelis are not allowed to go. For example, in the video below, you will see the area around Bethlehem.

We know it as the birthplace of Jesus, so we expect it to be Jewish. Not so. Today, Bethlehem is predominately Arab.

So, what you are seeing in the video below are areas very similar to what you saw last week, only from the perspective of Arab/Palestinian citis and villages. Take a look…

Yes, we go into the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) on our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS! It is a fabulous place to visit because life there is very different than in other parts of Israel. Jews and Palestinians live and work peacefully side-by-side in many areas, and most Palesinians are well aware that Jewish-owned companies offer much better working conditions and pay than other companies. It is a fascinating site to see, and we purposefully make a stop at a factory where we glimpse the reality of Jews and Palestinians working peacefully, then going home to their villages and neighborhoods to live peacefully.

You are invited to join us on our next tour in February 2021! Information is on our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR website.

2 thoughts on “Promised Land Stories: The West Bank

  1. Vicki Baker

    Kym this is Vicki, I loved Samaria. Thank you so much for taking us there on the November 2019 trip. Seeing Shiloh was amazing. Seeing Magdala was very emotional for me the mountains of cursings and blessings was a spectacular day and the lunch along the roadside with the Druz who provided us lunch is a day I will never forget.

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