Promised Land Stories: Judea and Samaria

If you haven’t noticed, Hermana is a very peace-loving, gentle woman. She loves to teach and mentor, and the geological knowledge accumulated over years of living in Israel accentuates her Biblical knowledge.

Today, using a simple map, she illustrates the lay of the land in Samaria and Judea, known as the heartland of Israel. Interestingly, though, the area is known as the West Bank in modern times. The history and the relationships between Jews and Arabs there is very complex, yet we find Jews and Arabs living and working peacefully side-by-side.

We will actually experience that on our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, when we spend time in Samaritan towns and villages such as Ariel, Shilo, Bethlehem and more. But, until then, enjoy Hermana’s commentary on Judea and Samaria.

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