Nations United by Prayer: Healing for Our Land

Yesterday, Franklin Graham led the Washington DC Prayer March through the national mall in Washington DC. From the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building, marchers stopped to pray for specific things regarding the healing of our nation. (If you missed it, see the replay here.)

Today, let’s remained focused there. Nations United by Prayer is simply another prayer initiative designed to guide us in prayer for both Israel and America, by joining together in prayer every Sunday afternoon between now and the November 3 election. A strong America and a strong Israel go hand-in-hand, so it behooves us to pray to Almighty God for His grace and mercy upon our nations.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association published specific prayer points and those are repeated here. Please carve out 10 minutes (or more) today to focus on these prayer points:

  • Humbling ourselves in repentance and asking God to forgive our sins and heal our land
  • Our military, police and other law enforcement, and their families—and security and peace for the nation
  • Salvation of the lost, renewed strength in our families, solutions to the coronavirus pandemic, and an end to abortion
  • The President and the Vice President and their families
  • Compassion and kindness toward one another, respect and reconciliation between races, and healing in communities torn by violence and injustice
  • Religious freedom; and for churches to have boldness, to stand firm with the Word of God, and to preach Jesus Christ in a troubled world
  • Our Congress and other leaders at the national, state, and local levels; the Supreme Court, and judges across the nation

No matter your location or what day and time it is, let’s gather together at the foot of the cross. After all, God is not bound by time or space! He hears us!

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