Happening Now: First Israeli Flight to UAE

This is the picture of peace! The first flight from Ben Gurion airport (Israel) to Abu Dhabi, UAE is scheduled for departure right now! (Midnight AZ time, 10:00 am Israel time)

Once thought impossible, the Trump administration has successfully brokered a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the first peace deal between Israel and an Arab nation in over 25 years, and others are likely to follow.

I was recently asked, “What’s up with that peace deal between Israel and UAE?” To understand the answer to the question, let’s consider a few foundational elements:

  • Since Biblical times, the descendants of Ishmael (Arab people groups) have been at odds with the descendants of Isaac (Israel).
  • Sunni and Shi’ite sects of Islam have been at odds with each other since the 700’s, and in fact, would likely destroy each other except for their shared disdain of Israel.
  • Iran (the seat of Shiite Islam) is a significant threat to moderate Sunni nations such as UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and others).
  • Since at least the 1960’s, the Palestinians have held Muslim nations hostage to their worldwide effort to wrest territory away from Israel in order to establish a Palestinian state. This has kept the Arab world (for the most part) opposed to Israel.

Now to answer the question! Iran was so empowered by the nuclear deal that moderate Sunni nations began to clearly see Iran could turn nuclear weapons on them (who they hate as much as Israel). Meanwhile, dealing with the ungrateful, tantrum-throwing Palestinians became a drag on the ambitions of young Sunni leaders such as MBS in Saudi Arabia. Suddenly, the Palestinian push to make Israel a Palestinian state was not an appealing idea to moderate Muslim fed up with pouring billions of dollars into Gaza and the West Bank.

As Israel’s military might increased and America took a staunch position of support, it became apparent to moderate Muslims that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!” Thus, they began to consider Israel a potential partner in defense against Iranian aggression.

Undoubtedly, there is much more (economically, technologically, intellectually, socially, etc) to the agreement than military partnership. To bring the two historically opposing sides together, though, has required negotiations far outside the box. Enter President Trump and his deal-making capability.

Thanks to President Trump and his team of negotiators, the US has played a major roll in bringing peace between nations it was never thought possible. Interestingly, what we see happening today in the Middle East lines up perfectly with what we read in Ezekiel 38 regarding those who will not take part in the northern invasion of Israel.

Isn’t it fun to watch God work! As El Al flight LY971 takes off as I post this, we see it as a sign of His goodness! May peace grow between Israel and those moderate Muslim nations!

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