Have Ungrateful Palestinians Pushed the Envelop too Far?

Palestinians on Temple Mount trample, set fire to picture of UAE ...
Palestinians prepare to burn the UAE flag (with picture of their leader) on Temple Mount

For decades, American presidents and other world leaders have attempted to forge peace agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. It was long thought that peace in the Middle East must start with the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Peace in the Middle East was supposedly impossible unless and until someone could come up with a peace deal both Israel and the Palestinians could agree upon.

On at least five occasions, the Palestinians were offered significant chunks of Israeli territory in exchange for peace. Commonly known as the “Two-State Solution,” land given up by Israel was to become a Palestinian state. But consistently throughout time, the Palestinians held to an all-or-none position and declined those offers. Here’s an informative look at those offers, and the arrogance of Palestinian rejection:

Meanwhile, Arab nations continued backing the Palestinian quest for a state of their own. Backing often came in the form of billions of dollars in financial aid!

Meanwhile, along came Donald Trump with a different idea about peace in the Middle East! Frankly, I don’t believe there will be true and lasting peace in the Middle East until Jesus, the Prince of Peace, steps foot on the Mount of Olives at His Second Coming. However, no one can argue that Trump’s peace plan isn’t unique and at least somewhat successful.

Last week, after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreed to a peace deal with Israel, Palestinians took to the streets to burn UAE flags, and pictures of the UAE leader, as well as disparage the Arab country for betraying them!

What? After billions of dollars in aid and constant Palestinian rejection of incredibly generous offers from Israel, the Palestinians had the gall to swiftly and thoroughly “bite the hand that fed it!?!” Yes, indeed!

Following the constant whine from the Palestinians, and years of holding the Arab world hostage to the idea that Palestinian peace was the key to peace in the Middle East, it appears Arab countries are not only becoming fed up with the Palestinians, but are turning more and more toward Israel with an outstretched hand of peace. The Gatestone Institute just published a very informative article about that. Find it here.

Indeed, it appears the ungrateful Palestinians have pushed the envelop too far and Arab states are responding harshly toward the spoiled Palestinian brats.

But let’s get a couple things straight. First, don’t be fooled into thinking Arab nations are suddenly in love with Israel. The reality is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!” Iran is a common enemy of both the moderate Sunni world and Israel. Shi’ite Iran would like nothing better than to destroy Sunni Saudi Arabia and its allies! Thus, moderate Sunnis and Israel bring a common element to the table: the desire to neutralize the Iranian regime. Together, they will work toward that goal, and they will share economically, socially and in military intelligence. But make no mistake, Israel will tread friendly, but carefully, in their relationships with Arab nations. Isaac and Ishmael are still brothers, but trust is something that must be developed!

Secondly, when we talk of Palestinians, it is important to understand that not all Palestinians are in the streets burning UAE flags and throwing temper tantrums. Rather, it is the Palestinian Authority urging (and sometimes paying) citizens to do things such as fire rockets at Israel, send incendiary balloons into Israeli fields to burn crops, and initiate riots at the border.

The majority of Palestinian people simply want to live quiet lives, make a living for their families, and enjoy freedoms not afforded to them under the oppressive Palestinian regime. In general, Palestinians are hospitable people, and are hard working.

When we go to Israel in February, a highlight of the trip will be the opportunity to spend time in Samaria (known today as part of the West Bank). We will witness Jews and Palestinians working peacefully side-by-side, and we will see there so much more to the Palestinians than what we see on the news.

That is part of EXPERIENCING ISRAEL, and why we call the tour by that name. It is one thing to see Israel, but it is a totally different thing to experience Israel! You are invited to come with us as we EXPERIENCE ISRAEL!

Consider joining us in February! Check out details of the tour at:


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