The Truth about Jewish and Arab Refugees

The US just cut funding to UNRWA and much of the world (particularly the Palestinians) are up in arms.  In fact, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make a huge issue of it at the UN General Assembly later this month.

But, what is the truth about UNRWA, the UN organization created specifically to deal only with Palestinian refugees?  Here is some insight:

Why do Christians Support Israel?

When asked that question, most would give the Genesis 12:3 answer: Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed.  But is there even more to it than that?

Dennis Prager recently wrote Why Christians Support Israel for National Review.  It is worth reading!  Take a look and see if you agree.

Why Isn’t there a Palestinian State?

Since the re-birth of Israel in 1948, conflict has reigned between Israel and her Arab neighbors.  The “conflict” has turned into the Israeli-Palestinian struggle over who has rights to the land.  Recently, following President Trump’s public recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Palestinian people were incited by their leaders to riot.

The UN would have us believe Israel refuses to negotiate a land for the Palestinian people.  In fact, they believe President Trump’s announcement now validates that notion.

But is that true?

Take a look and a listen to Why Isn’t there a Palestinian State?  Then, decide for yourself!


PS: The news out of Israel is interesting.  While national media outlets continue insisting that violence and riots are taking place in Jerusalem, I hear from those on the ground there (including the Old City) that conditions are relatively peaceful.  (In fact, they are entering the Old City without fear of violence!)  So, what gives?  Well, here is my take: When I see reports of riots and violence on the news, I do not recognize the scenes.  Not that I have seen every inch of Israel (though I am fairly familiar with Jerusalem), the fact that I don’t recognize any of those sites leads me to believe that violence is happening only in Palestinian-controlled areas.  (Another clue is the fact there is a very distinct difference in the cleanliness of Jewish areas vs Palestinian areas in Israel.  Areas shown on the news do not appear to be Jewish areas.)  Media outlets are also talking about violence in Jerusalem, while showing obvious footage of other Arab cities (such as Beirut)!

Therefore, my current belief is that the liberal media (typically sympathetic to the Palestinian position) is working to convince the masses that President Trump’s decision is sparking violence throughout the area, though the reality is that Palestinians and Arabs are simply rioting in their own areas.  That plays well into the Palestinian Authority’s game plan to convince the world that the Palestinians live in  severe oppression!

UPDATE: Here is an article that seems to concur: Trump Did Not Bring Jerusalem Crashing Down.