Why Does America Spend so Much on Israel?

Great question, isn't it!  Indeed, some think the billions of US dollars spent on Israel is excessive...but they likely have very little understanding of what we get in return! Hear General Chuck Wald's perspective: https://youtu.be/dxE_UUrbMNA

The Truth about the First Thanksgiving

On Thursday, America will celebrate Thanksgiving.  It seems to have transformed from a season of family and fellowship to a weekend of football and a fanatical “spendfest” in pursuit of the greatest Black Friday deals.  In other words, other than perhaps a few moments of reflection about the material things for which we are thankful, …

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The Truth about Jewish and Arab Refugees

The US just cut funding to UNRWA and much of the world (particularly the Palestinians) are up in arms.  In fact, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make a huge issue of it at the UN General Assembly later this month. But, what is the truth about UNRWA, the UN organization created specifically to deal only …

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Two Views of the IDF

It is always amazing to me how the world buys into what the media and/or world renown terrorists groups tell them!  Here is a great commentary on the IDF and the lies told about them.  Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/prageru/videos/1911083272267853/