Chaos Ensues in Lebanon…What will Happen Next?

Following the major explosions at the port of Beirut last Tuesday, chaos has ensued and Lebanese citizens are raging against their government and Hezbollah, who has essentially overrun the government of Lebanon.


Here is a taste of what is going on there:

Joel Rosenberg summarizes the volatile situation in a recent post: Volcanic, revolutionary rage building against Lebanese government and Hezbollah

Will Lebanon and their legitimate allies be able to save the country? Will Iran double down in efforts to keep Hezbollah entrenched in Lebanon? Will Lebanon become the next “Syria?”

Those are all legitimate questions with differing consequences. While Lebanon will likely garner headlines for the next few weeks or months, keep your eyes on Damascus, as it remains a key to end time prophecy.

Meanwhile, pray for the people of Lebanon. As true for the Middle East in general, most citizens simply want to live a life of peace and freedom, yet their leadership is corrupt, denying them those opportunities. Here’s an idea: each time you see a headline or hear a report about Lebanon, allow it to be a reminder to pray for the people.

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