Virtual Tour: Pool of Siloam

When you read about Jerusalem in the Bible, do you really know the location of what you are reading about?

While the Old City of Jerusalem is what we read about in the New Testament, it was not the actual seat of Jewish life until the time of King Herod, who demonstrated his building prowess by expanding Temple Mount and topping it with an incredibly opulent Temple.

Before that time, though, during the time of David, the prophets and even the return from Babylonian exile, Jerusalem was actually what we know of as the City of David today. Yes, King David lived and ruled from the City of David, not from the city of Jerusalem we know of today!

The City of David has undergone extensive excavation over the past decade or so, and many incredible finds such as David’s palace, the Pool of Siloam, and the Pilgrimage Road (leading from the pool up to Temple Mount) have been discovered and excavated! It is one of the most fascinating sights in all of Israel.

Here’s a virtual look at the newly-restored Pool of Siloam:

Friends, we will visit the City of David and the Pool of Siloam on the 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR February 19 – March 3, 2021. You are invited to join us for an informational meeting Sunday (July 26, 2020) at 2 pm (Pacific time) to learn more about the tour. It is an online meeting, so click here to join us! (You may also wish to browse our tour website.)

Join us for the meeting, then travel to Israel with us for the experience of a lifetime!

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