Hezbollah Uses Citizens as Human Shields…but We Already Knew That!

Israeli intelligence has found evidence of what we have known for years: Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy in Lebanon, plants rocket launchers in the midst of Lebanese neighborhoods!

A report recently released claims 28 different sites, planted among schools, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants and other public areas have been found and positively identified. Check out this Jerusalem Post article to see satellite imagery of where rocket launchers are found:

Israeli Research Center Finds 28 New Hezbollah Missile Launch Sites

While the area is well under control by Israeli forces today, make no mistake: Hezbollah is at the command of Iran. A time is coming when proxy groups such as this could well join their commanding countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey, in an invasion from the north into Israel.

Don’t lose sight of what is going on in various parts of the Middle East, as you view activity there through the lens of Scripture. Prophecy is being fulfilled!

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