Once Again, Another Explosion and Fire at Iranian Gas Plant

Explosion, fire at gas plant in east Iran - The Jerusalem Post
Mahshahr petrochemical plant, believed to be site of latest gas fire (photo credit: RAHEB HOMAVANDI/REUTERS)

It is becoming almost a daily occurrence. Explosions and fires are rocking Iran’s infrastructure and nuclear facilities. (Read about the latest here.) What in the world is happening?

Interestingly, Iranian officials seem to be manufacturing causes for these incidents. At least a dozen explosions and/or fires have hit Iranian sights over the past 2-3 weeks. Only a small handful have been deemed to be suspicious, while the majority have been blamed on things such as inappropriate handling of oxygen tanks leading to explosions, and hot weather causing fires.

Either Iranians are very careless, or something else is happening there. Many are pointing fingers at Israel, yet the ayatollahs are not. Why is that?

Well, there are two very good reasons why! First, Iran has denied development of a nuclear program for anything other than civil/peaceful purposes. Thus, if missile factories, high-grade centrifuges and other components of an offensively nuclear weapon program are destroyed, their hands are tied! If they blame Israel for destroying those things, they are (at the same time) admitting they have them! In essence, they prefer to protect the deceitful narrative than blame Israel or anyone else! So, they make up stories!

Secondly, they are content to not “make waves” until after America’s presidential election. They are hoping and, dare I say, praying to a false god, that a different US president will be elected…one who will rollback sanctions, refund the millions taken back by the Trump administration, reinstate the JCPOA (nuclear deal), and take the handcuffs off their ambitions to build nuclear bombs and use them on Israel (“little Satan”) and the US (“great Satan”).

Friends, do you understand what a critical juncture this is in world history? Iran is currently powerless to carry out their nuclear ambitions, and someone is taking advantage of the opportunity to set their nuclear program back as for as possible. A change in American administration will literally open the flood gates of nuclear development in Iran and will hasten the evil they intend.

Do you wonder why America plays no part, and does not stand with Israel, in the end? Could it be that our great nation collapses from within? I’m not saying that is certain to happen, but it is definitely not beyond the realm of possibility if/when our country is handed over to a socialist administration poised to cater to evil.

Please consider the consequences of your vote in November.

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