Must See: Behind the Scenes Tour of the Pilgrimage Road in the City of David

One of my favorite places in Israel is the City of David. From there, King David ruled the kingdom. Did you know the City of David is actually the ancient Jerusalem? Indeed, until Solomon built the Temple (around 1,000 BC), Jerusalem was situated down the hill to the south. David built a glorious palace there, but God had much greater plans to connect the Davidic Jerusalem to Temple Mount and, ultimately, the city of Jerusalem we recognize today.

In ancient times, as Jews journeyed to the Temple to celebrate the feasts, perhaps a million or more sojourners stopped at the Pool of Siloam to wash themselves, according to Jewish law, before descending the hill to Temple Mount. Well now, they have discovered and are excavating the road leading from the Pool of Siloam to Temple Mount. It is an astounding discovery, and is a life-changing place when visitors encounter the gravity of its rich history.

The full Pilgrimage Road is not yet open to visitors, but on a private tour a few years ago, I was privileged to go “beyond the door” to see a bit of this road, including the place they discovered the drainage system where Jews hid during the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD. It was an incredible experience.

Digging into Jerusalem's past disturbs the present | World | The Times

The City of David hosted a live virtual tour Thursday, and it was incredible! I delayed posting, hoping to find it on YouTube. But I struck out, so my apologies to those who are not on Facebook, as that is the only source of which I’m aware.

Enjoy this tour and imagine walking that road as you ascend to Temple Mount! Then, consider going with us in late-February 2021 to see it with your own eyes! Stay tuned for details!

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