Promised Land Stories – An Intro

Hi friends…and Happy Lord’s Day! I have something special for you today, and I am excited to share it with you! In 2015 I had the great privilege of touring Magdala, just before it was open to the public. Magdala is home to an ancient synagogue in which we know Jesus taught. Discovered in 2009, it is one of Israel’s premier excavation sites, and it’s story is miraculous. (A few details can be found here.)

While there, I met Hermana Viljoen, a South African woman who has been hosting tour groups and ministering to Jews and Arabs (mostly women) in Israel for quite some time. She was part of a ministry team at Magdala when I met her, and the light of Jesus shone through this woman like I have never seen in anyone before! The heart of Jesus beats in her chest!

Fast forward to today, and she continues to minister at Magdala, but the Lord is changing her course. Recently, the son of a family friend left South Africa to come to Israel, and this young man is incredibly talented. Together they have begun producing videos they call Promised Land Stories, and I received an email from her earlier this week, containing some of their early projects.

For those who have been to Israel, these videos will assuredly “take you back” to familiar and beloved places. For those who long to go, there is absolutely nothing like being there, but I pray the videos I will share from time to time will paint magnificent pictures in your mind, while revealing the heart of our Father!

Here is Hermana and Jaco’s 90-second intro video:

And here is a 7-minute video with rich promises! Take special note how the wind picks up about the 4:00 mark, just as Hermana is talking about the Holy Spirit! I found that curious…and so very much how the Lord seems to provide His own touch when His Word is spoken truthfully! Enjoy!

I would love to hear what you think!

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